A little about who we are

Your Online Drum Recording Experts

The Rhythm Core is a recording studio specializing in drum recording. We handle all aspects of the drum recording process for you making it fast and easy to get professional quality drum tracks for your music.

The drummer, the studio & the gear are all wrapped up into one package to provide you with the same quality sound and performance that you would get at a traditional studio at a fraction of the cost. No need to waste your time finding an expensive session drummer. No need to rent out pricey studio time that passes on their expensive overhead costs to you. No need to buy or rent any fancy equipment to get good sounds. We have all of that covered!

We work directly with you to bring your musical vision to life, and since we specialize in just drums, we know what it takes to get the job done right.

And everything is handled using the internet, so all of your tracks are delivered quickly and easily.

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